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2,322 119,290 Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky ...
by Mr Stabby
Mar 24, 2023 21:53:26 GMT
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174 6,052 £2 bus fares extended..
by brummieboy
Feb 20, 2023 18:58:45 GMT
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139 10,981 Leeds and Liverpool shortboats
by angelo1728
Mar 19, 2023 20:59:15 GMT
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301 17,070 Paying for mooring on the towpath.
by Pulcinella
Mar 18, 2023 21:00:05 GMT
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151 5,340 Charging lithium batteries with an alternator
by kris
Oct 18, 2022 5:27:51 GMT
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513 14,416 Original wd40 ad.
by Jim
Mar 21, 2023 9:48:23 GMT
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304 6,218 Advice on this craft please as an addition to the fleet
Mar 12, 2023 9:41:12 GMT
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38 1,699 GRP boat.
by naughtyfox
Oct 17, 2022 8:26:49 GMT
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39 1,554 Going all electric
by naughtyfox
Oct 14, 2022 15:12:58 GMT
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52 1,575 Possible confirmation 🤔
by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 12:21:36 GMT
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87 1,455 12v switch board
by naughtyfox
Oct 15, 2022 11:22:03 GMT
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64 1,303 By Whatever, it's cold out here .....
by Pulcinella
Dec 13, 2022 8:39:09 GMT

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112 4,666 A big welcome to Dogless.
by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 12:22:32 GMT
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2,622 85,403 Tell me it's not April 1st 1984?
by Pulcinella
Mar 23, 2023 12:20:19 GMT
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546 28,967 Looks like another tug girted on the Clyde
by Pulcinella
Feb 26, 2023 14:32:25 GMT
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30 858 Why is lithium extraction bad for the environment?
by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 15:12:40 GMT
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219 12,174 Is this the prime minister in waiting ?
by fi
Mar 22, 2023 19:57:19 GMT
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67 2,476 Rugby 22/23
by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 12:23:36 GMT
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129 10,638 Congratulations
by kris
Nov 10, 2022 10:58:00 GMT
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228 9,411


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6 244 The Thunder Shop is open!
by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 12:24:40 GMT
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28 646 Is there anybody there......?
Jan 16, 2023 11:07:18 GMT
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40 698 An Invitation to Thunderboat's Membership
by Jim
Mar 15, 2023 17:42:44 GMT


naughtyfox: The prime minister's official spokesman acknowledged that "for a number of people seeking to access the NHS this winter it will be very difficult". Jan 3, 2023 21:51:55 GMT
Mr Stabby: Mr Stabby has reiterated the importance of not getting scammed out of your narrowboat because of being obsessed with Covid. Jan 3, 2023 22:06:41 GMT
naughtyfox: Mr Stabby makes a post, and 'Gigoguy's post vanishes at the same time. Jan 4, 2023 2:43:06 GMT
naughtyfox: "It's not me..." Jan 4, 2023 2:43:41 GMT
naughtyfox: Foxy's Top Tip: take tomorrow's clothes into bed with you... when you wake up to go to work they will be nice 'n' warm! Jan 4, 2023 2:57:22 GMT
Mr Stabby: It's very common for the victim of a scammer to become angry with the person who reveals to them that they have been scammed, and go into denial about it. It's difficult for a man to accept that he has been fooled, since this makes him a fool. Jan 4, 2023 9:57:37 GMT
Mr Stabby: Matt Allwright from "Rogue Traders" would describe Foxy's experience as a classic "bait and switch" scam. It would have involved five people, Foxy, the broker, the purchaser, the surveyor and a shill, the latter four working together. Jan 5, 2023 19:10:05 GMT
: Where is the gigologuy? Jan 7, 2023 21:55:31 GMT
naughtyfox: Yes, it was obvious 'Gigologuy' would be adding a line to the Shoutbox. Making a good effort to sound like Mr Stabby. Jan 8, 2023 20:59:50 GMT
naughtyfox: You seem very keen on this 'upskirting', 'Gigologuy' - keep it up, it amuses 'Mr Stabby'. Jan 8, 2023 21:12:12 GMT
naughtyfox: Oh look, someone is making up stories again. The fact is that naughtyfox was not scared of 'Covid' but a lot of other people did run off to have their 'vaccines' because the nanny state told them to. Feb 1, 2023 20:13:38 GMT
Mr Stabby: I didn't run off to get my vaccine, I drove there. Probably a waste of time but it was in work time so I got paid for it. When I went to the Gambia I had a malaria jab and I never once got bitten by a mosquito so same sort of thing there I guess. Feb 6, 2023 20:55:39 GMT
Mr Stabby: Although having said that I have still got my boat. Feb 6, 2023 20:56:04 GMT
naughtyfox: Malaria is a real disease, 'Covid' is just an imaginary one. You were frightened of catching 'Covid' and went to get a jab. You haven't been to The Gambia, and the vaccination for malaria does not stop mosquitoes from biting. Feb 18, 2023 10:57:53 GMT
Mr Stabby: You wore a face mask every day on your bus. I didn't once wear one in my truck. You were frightened of Covid so you got scammed out of your boat. I've still got mine. Would you like me to PM you a photo of the Gambia stamps in my passport? Feb 18, 2023 18:21:28 GMT
naughtyfox: My name is 'G' and I'm right up Mr Stabby's arsehole. As the Flintstones say: "Let's have a gay old time!" Mar 3, 2023 16:33:06 GMT
Mr Stabby: No need to get snarky. Your Covid obsession cost you your boat and the best thing you can do is get your head around that and learn from your mistake. You know that boat didn't need £10,000s worth of work on the hull. Mar 13, 2023 19:34:30 GMT
naughtyfox: Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter gets sent back to prison for "searching the Dark Web'. Thunderboat member 'G' disappears. Mar 15, 2023 13:56:38 GMT
G: Drunken naughtyfox last night trying to deflect the blame for his stupidity at being mugged off for £10000 in a simple bait & switch scam that one of his 9 yr old schoolgirl up-skirting victims he lost his job over last year could have seen through. Mar 20, 2023 6:55:20 GMT *
Mother Dunkley: I am sorry about my Tony. I blame myself to a degree. When I spat him out I had a bad case of the crabs and I think one must have crawled onto his ear and eaten part of his brain away, he's never been quite right in the head. Mar 20, 2023 15:36:07 GMT
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