dogless: Just put new batteries in my whisky bottle lamp ... looks great :) Aug 22, 2021 19:18:09 GMT
JohnV: Been a nice sunny afternoon here, made a nice change to sit outside with a bottle ot Timothy Taylors Aug 22, 2021 19:38:17 GMT
dogless: Lovely day but the rain arrived at about 7pm ... the nights are certainly drawing in now Aug 22, 2021 19:44:56 GMT
naughtyfox: "A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, 'You are mad, you are not like us'" Aug 23, 2021 9:40:56 GMT
dogless: Bird feeders are busy at Braunston ... certainly getting through seed and fat balls :) Aug 23, 2021 10:42:06 GMT
JohnV: 3 X kingfishers this morning !!! do hope they are now round here to stay, I love seeing that flash of blue even if I don't get a good view Aug 24, 2021 6:59:09 GMT
dogless: Something magical about seeing them ... like hares and owls ... privilege to observe close up :) Aug 24, 2021 8:12:08 GMT
naughtyfox: If you look in the mirror and say COVID-19 five times, it appears. Aug 24, 2021 14:40:23 GMT
dogless: I give up ... let him do his worst Aug 24, 2021 18:29:12 GMT
naughtyfox: The problem with today is that the government is not restricting our movements and activities enough. We need more restrictions, harsher, and for longer, so people really start taking this virus seriously. Aug 25, 2021 12:19:27 GMT
dogless: I haven't got a problem with today ... healthy, comfortable, happy, and fortunate ... one of the lucky ones :) Aug 25, 2021 20:25:29 GMT
JohnV: If this had been an ordinary thread I would have posted CCR "Fortunate Son" for Ross 8-) Aug 26, 2021 5:28:02 GMT
naughtyfox: "I am not COVID positive but I am positive we can still beat COVID if we just stay home and lock down hard." Aug 26, 2021 5:34:32 GMT
dogless: Laundry done and off to the massive B&M in Rugby (even though ... ) we want three things ... I wonder how many bags full we end up with :) Aug 26, 2021 10:49:56 GMT
naughtyfox: I see photos and videos of people enjoying themselves and think: Don't you know there is COVID? You must wait to gather! Aug 26, 2021 17:52:21 GMT
dogless: Can't wait to get moving again in the morning ... two days on one mooring and I'm itching to cruise :) Aug 26, 2021 19:18:01 GMT
metanoia: Two days on THAT mooring and I'd be more than itching! Happy travels .... :) Aug 26, 2021 19:55:54 GMT
dogless: It's convenient ... but very noisy. Water, elsan and rubbish in the morning and off for some peace :) Aug 26, 2021 20:00:57 GMT
JohnV: Sheep are ok ...... I'm just worried in case I ever meet any of these "Sheeples" that the Fox keeps harping on about they sound scary Aug 28, 2021 6:28:07 GMT
metanoia: I hope you never have to; trust me, they really ARE quite scary indeed .... Aug 28, 2021 18:22:57 GMT *