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newBookmarkLockedFalling Why is lithium extraction bad for the environment?
naughtyfox 19 1,249 by Deleted
Oct 14, 2022 15:12:40 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Time for confessions
Deleted 19 823 by naughtyfox
Jul 28, 2022 19:02:56 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Greta Thunderpants Wakes Up.
naughtyfox 21 2,028 by Clinton Cool
Aug 21, 2021 16:18:22 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling France Today - a nation of mask wearers!
naughtyfox 3 677 by patty
May 27, 2021 19:23:33 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Boris Johnson rules out Covid public inquiry 'for months'
naughtyfox 12 1,555 by JohnV
Apr 28, 2021 5:04:25 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Cya soon
Deleted 87 2,215 by Jim
Mar 29, 2021 17:17:56 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Thought for the Day
naughtyfox 5 275 by phil70
Feb 5, 2021 14:33:33 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Christmas 2020!
naughtyfox 16 1,033 by naughtyfox
Dec 9, 2020 20:34:00 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling New 2 Euro Coin!
naughtyfox 12 719 by Jim
Oct 23, 2020 8:40:56 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Lewis Hamilton - polluter and hypocrite
naughtyfox 0 359 by naughtyfox
Aug 18, 2020 15:41:20 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling When I find myself in times of trouble ...
Deleted 7 676 by Deleted
Jun 12, 2020 9:36:43 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Green Energy from Fossil Fuels
naughtyfox 53 1,551 by Jim
Jun 2, 2020 8:08:43 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling The NHS is a brand, not a service.
naughtyfox 4 348 by naughtyfox
May 24, 2020 17:04:15 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Happy "Winter Holiday" !
naughtyfox 19 1,077 by naughtyfox
Nov 15, 2019 17:27:23 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Smug
naughtyfox 107 3,367 by Deleted
Aug 19, 2019 18:09:12 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Strange Coincidences.
Mr Stabby 9 681 by bodger
Apr 20, 2019 7:00:43 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Floating Church
Deleted 13 782 by JohnV
Mar 7, 2019 23:09:08 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling My new facebook "hunk"... one for the ladies perhaps?
quaysider 29 1,336 by Mr Stabby
Feb 14, 2019 9:08:37 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Is it time this sub-forum was deleted?
Mr Stabby 23 1,130 by naughtyfox
Jan 4, 2019 17:02:36 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling No more knocking on doors (in Russia)
Andyberg 1 836 by Mr Stabby
Jun 19, 2018 18:13:00 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Chinese re-educating Muslims
Andyberg 3 917 by bargemast
May 27, 2018 8:41:42 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Jehovahs in trouble for knocking on more than front doors!
Andyberg 31 2,424 by naughtyfox
Dec 23, 2017 19:30:16 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Mosque open day!
Andyberg 102 4,967 by bodger
Jun 18, 2017 19:51:40 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Church Bells
Deleted 22 1,757 by naughtyfox
Sept 4, 2016 7:40:48 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Quotations
Deleted 15 1,413 by loafer
Jul 19, 2016 15:32:38 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Is there a God?
Mr Stabby 95 4,456 by Deleted
Jun 22, 2016 17:23:38 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Beating the Wife
Deleted 46 2,640 by robmcd
Jun 4, 2016 22:50:26 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Is Christianity in the UK a dying religion?
Saltysplash 41 2,526 by thebfg
May 5, 2016 16:21:37 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Preachers justifying their private jets.
Delta9 11 725 by yamyam
Apr 10, 2016 9:04:44 GMT
newBookmarkLockedFalling Does This Forum Exist?
journeyperson 3 1,289 by naughtyfox
Apr 5, 2016 6:41:45 GMT


naughtyfox: Malaria is a real disease, 'Covid' is just an imaginary one. You were frightened of catching 'Covid' and went to get a jab. You haven't been to The Gambia, and the vaccination for malaria does not stop mosquitoes from biting. Feb 18, 2023 10:57:53 GMT
naughtyfox: My name is 'G' and I'm right up Mr Stabby's arsehole. As the Flintstones say: "Let's have a gay old time!" Mar 3, 2023 16:33:06 GMT
naughtyfox: Convicted paedophile Gary Glitter gets sent back to prison for "searching the Dark Web'. Thunderboat member 'G' disappears. Mar 15, 2023 13:56:38 GMT
Mother Dunkley: I am sorry about my Tony. I blame myself to a degree. When I spat him out I had a bad case of the crabs and I think one must have crawled onto his ear and eaten part of his brain away, he's never been quite right in the head. Mar 20, 2023 15:36:07 GMT
naughtyfox: Oh dear... criticise Mr Stabby and up pops his 'friend' G. How predictable. Mar 30, 2023 2:56:06 GMT
naughtyfox: Hello G! Are you hoping Mr Stabby will share his blow-up sex doll with you? Mar 30, 2023 2:57:31 GMT
naughtyfox: Oh look, it's Mr Stabby's best friend again. There's a surprise! Apr 7, 2023 2:44:30 GMT
naughtyfox: Looks like Gigoguy has an obsession with money. Mr Stabby's best friend resurfaces to lick his bumhole once again! Well done, 'G' (the coward who hides behind one letter) (G for Gormless?) (G for Gay?) Apr 25, 2023 14:51:11 GMT
naughtyfox: And Mr Stabby's sit-on-his-knee ventriloquist puppet comes along. As predicted. May 5, 2023 12:19:42 GMT
naughtyfox: Looks like 'G' has been taking lessons from Mr Stabby. His style is so similar. He obviously looks up to Mr Stabby. Who has a boat, in case anyone was wondering. Just not one he can fully insure. May 5, 2023 18:08:27 GMT
naughtyfox: I expect 'G' is, in fact, Stabby himself, as G's posts come on here straight after Stabby's. Stabby will say "It's not me", but he is a proven liar and make-up of things. May 5, 2023 18:09:48 GMT
naughtyfox: By the way, G, any idea why Stabby got sacked? May 5, 2023 18:10:43 GMT
Mr Stabby: Ross could be cruising around on the waterways right now if only he hadn't given his boat away to a smart and cunning broker. May 5, 2023 20:46:21 GMT
Mr Stabby: It's a stroke of luck that I got sacked from my job the exact same week that I was planning to set off on my usual Summer odyssey anyway. It's the fourth year in a row they've sacked me at Easter now. ;) May 7, 2023 18:21:55 GMT
naughtyfox: Looks like the coward who calls himself 'G' is a bit of a nasty, vindictive little shit. No wonder his wife and kids left him. May 14, 2023 20:04:41 GMT
naughtyfox: Next thing you know he'll be threatening to beat you up in some public toilets. It's all a bit creepy. May 14, 2023 20:06:03 GMT
: I was like "O M G" May 15, 2023 13:58:15 GMT
naughtyfox: 'G' has changed his name to 'Tillerpin'. How sweet. I wonder if he has knitted himself some rainbow-patterned pyjamas. Jun 6, 2023 17:41:35 GMT
naughtyfox: Oh, look - 'Tillerpin', formerly known as 'G', has changed his name yet again to Gg. Jun 7, 2023 18:37:33 GMT
naughtyfox: Giddy-up, Gg! Haha! Jun 7, 2023 18:42:57 GMT
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